About the Event

The idea behind Modern Love is collaboration. Bringing curated vendors together to create a wedding experience for the modern couple.


Yes, no booths! Instead you’ll find a collection of curated local talent showcasing their work for you to experience, enjoy, and connect with. This grouped format is a way to showcase everyone's work in a setting similar to your event.


Our events feature fully produced tablescapes, lounges, music, food, cocktails, interactive hair and makeup demo’s, the latest wedding dress collections from your favorite designers, and more.


Experience a collaborative showcase as it would be on your celebration day. Meet the creatives and discuss your ideas for your wedding.

The Collaborators

Past Events

From San Diego to Nashville

2018 was exciting for the Modern Love Event. These videos from our past two events capture what our event offers. Hope to see you in 2019.

Get Involved

Our events are special because of the people involved. If you'd like to join us visit a link below.

Join Us in San Diego

January 27, 2019 in Bldg. 177 at Liberty Station