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Bespoke Occasions

After 6 years in business, I realize that it isn’t just my obsession with flowers that keeps me going, but it’s the ability to tell a story for, and of, my couples through flowers. I love getting to live out their floral dreams, and how each wedding is unique to who they are as a couple. Every single event is different, which can be challenging, terrifying, exhilarating, and ultimately rewarding. I get jitters with every event, which just shows how much I really care about getting it right for each and every couple. For as long as I can remember, I have been distracted by flowers, and have always spent a ridiculous amount of time geeking out over the names and stories of individual plants. It’s this plant geekery that leads to my botanically inspired style of arranging. If there isn’t an element in each wedding that is slightly quirky, or just so beautiful that it gets my heart a-flutter, then, I’m doing something wrong. I mean, I’m designing for you, but, I’m also,selfishly, kind of designing for me.