Good things happen when you narrow your focus
Welcome to Conference

Vendor Information

The majority of the event will be comprised of Collaborative Design Teams, which will include the following vendors:

  • Designer
  • Floral Designer
  • Rentals (furniture and possibly tabletop)

<<<below are other vendors that can join with teams>>>

  • Stationary
  • Graphic Design
  • Dessert* you have the option to collab on a team AND have a display with your treats for guests to sample
  • Other

*No maximum of vendors per team

Selected vendors will be put into teams and we will ask for your team to collaborate on overall Palette, Style/Vibe and submit a Mood board describing the design space you wish to create. In an effort to keep everything unique and fresh we are planning out design ahead of time so that we don’t have overlap or teams that are too similar. Most designs will be either Lounges or Tablescapes. If you have an alternative idea in mind please feel free to share it and we will see if it can be incorporated in.

Once everything is submitted and approved you will then go through the selection process of choosing your rentals. The options will be Pow Wow Design Studio, Folklore Vintage Rentals and Witty Rentals – all will have a flat fee of $100. For designs that include tabletops you will have the option of renting from Hostess Haven for $50 if you’re paired with Pow Wow or Witty. If you’ve been paired with Folklore you will get to use their tabletop rentals for the same flat fee of $50.

All rentals will have flat fees, with the only difference being those that go the Tablescape route (as they will have an additional fee for those rentals). You will work directly with the rental companies.

Palette: Has been provided and is for you and your team to interpret. We want you to use the palette as a sounding board and foundation for your design. Please keep it at the front of your mind when designing as we are looking for the palette to be featured and brought to life.

Style/vibe: If you can put the look you are going for into words that would be ideal here but we realize your Mood board will do most of the talking for you 😉

Mood board: Please get creative and use whatever inspiration you’d like to convey your ideas. A brief explanation or walk through your thoughts will need to accompany your board as well.

Walls/Electricity/Hanging: All design spaces will be against a brick wall. There are a couple walls that have piping and poles in and or near them. If you need electricity please note that. We will provide extension cords and set everything up for you prior for a small fee. If you plan to suspend a design from the ceiling please note that as well. There will be two scissor lifts provided for the day of the event. We will coordinate time slots so that everyone needing a lift will get dedicated time.





Hair/Makeup: We’d like to create an interactive experience for all of our guests.  Rather than flip through photos of your work we are hoping to have you come up with a quick live demo you can try on Bride’s.  Successful demos that we have done in the past would are: The Quick Lip, Lash Bar, and Braid Bar, to name a few.  There are so many options here and we are open to all of them!

Catering/Desserts: What are you “known for” and why?  We are hoping to set up inviting displays featuring your tasty treats for our guests to try. We are looking for killer styled set ups and outgoing personalities to accompany them!  For Desserts only: Let us know if you’re wanting to collaborate on a design team as well as have a display to offer your treats!  There won’t be an additional fee to do both just make sure we know you’re interested.

DJ/Live Music:  We want to know a little bit about you and how your style sets you apart from everyone else.  Please plan to share how you’d like to run the show during the event and any ideas you might have.

Other: If we have not covered your wedding industry business type (we are sorry!) please let us know what you do and how you’d like to be involved.  Are you wanting to join a Collaborative Design Team or do you have another idea in mind?


**Photographers:  We have filled all of our photographer spots.  Thanks stopping by.  Hope to see you at the event.